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We are committed to providing strong analytic products and services to support the growing market in sustainable and socially responsible fixed income investing. Our team of experts in environmental and social science, finance, engineering and technology interpret what is sustainably meaningful in terms of ESG impact and risk mitigation and deliver this knowledge to the market through our data and analysis.

Our team is united through a strong work ethic, a culture of integrity, and a dedication to creating real value and true service for our customers. We are all dedicated to addressing climate change through finance and are proud to be a Womens Business Enterprise.

our team

For over 20 years, we’ve helped state and local governments access capital for infrastructure
and sustainability projects. We have a nuanced understanding of public finance and are
the municipal green, social and sustainability bond experts.

Monica Reid, ENV SP
CEO and Founder
Melissa Winkler, MS
Senior Vice President, Sales and Strategy
John Katovich, JD
General Counsel
Rich Raphael
Senior Vice President of Market Affairs and Enterprise Sales
Mi Ra Park, SHRM SCP
Senior Vice President, Business Operations
Dara Morantes, MS
Vice President of Special Projects
April Strid, MS, ENV SP
Lead ESG Analyst
Prachi Chandhok
Head of Product, ESG Data
Sheri Zekraus
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Joanne Ferrigan, MBA
Vice President, Quality Assurance & Risk Management
Melissa Sherwood, MA, ENV SP
Senior ESG Analyst
Kate Bennett
ESG Data Operations Manager / ESG Analyst
Cailey Martin
ESG Analyst
Matt Michel, PhD, PWS
ESG Analyst
Emily Thompson, MS
ESG Analyst
Joe Gyorky, MA
ESG Analyst
Charlotte Reader, MPH
ESG Analyst
Emily McCue
ESG Analyst
Erin Siebert, MS
ESG Analyst
Jessica Church
ESG Analyst
Kate Glass, MS
ESG Analyst
Katie Valli, MS
ESG Analyst
Miglena Stancheva
Financial Analyst
Shannon Huberd
Office Manager

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