March 28, 2024

Kestrel Sustainability Intelligence™ Now Available to Bloomberg Customers

Kestrel Sustainability Intelligence™ is now available on the Bloomberg Terminal and via Bloomberg Data License

Hood River, Oregon, March 28, 2024 – Kestrel today announced that its Sustainability Analysis and ESG Impact Scores are now accessible on the Bloomberg Terminal and available for Data License subscribers, complementing Bloomberg’s existing ESG data sets.

Kestrel’s offering is the first sustainability solution to tackle the entire municipal market at the series level. It serves as an ESG benchmark and provides original analysis and transparency on issuers’ concrete actions to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and incorporate sustainability in their bond-financed activities. Kestrel also reveals the presence of sector-specific risk mitigants and resilience features. By using over 100 distinct methodologies, Kestrel assesses municipal bonds with a focus on materiality. Scores range from 1 (low) to 5 (high) and reflect best practices for sustainability, ESG impact, and risk mitigation.

Bloomberg customers can view Kestrel’s numeric ESG Impact Scores, and Bloomberg Terminal users who subscribe to Kestrel will have access to unique and actionable sustainability intelligence. These insights include information on uses of proceeds, risk mitigants and impact, sources of repayment and potential flashpoints, alignment with UN SDGs at the target level, and eligibility for green, social or sustainability bond designation, regardless of whether the bond is labeled at issuance.

Kestrel covers all Municipal Primary Market deals that are rated investment grade A or better and $20 million par or greater. Coverage of the secondary market is currently over $2.0 trillion par and is continuously expanding.

“Kestrel has been at the forefront of providing sustainability intelligence on US Public Finance with our Second Party Opinions and reporting on green, social, and sustainability bonds,” said Monica Reid, CEO of Kestrel. “We are excited to offer our comprehensive sustainability analysis and ESG Impact Scores covering the entire muni market at the series level on the Bloomberg Terminal. We aim to empower investors with sustainability insights and new information to help them accurately price risk. Our offering reveals sustainability attributes and risk mitigants in bond-financed activities, and we are the first in the market to do this. With their focus on sustainable finance solutions, Bloomberg was a natural fit to help get this in the hands of investors. In light of the shifting regulatory landscape and the demand for long-term risk-adjusted returns, investors need the full picture of ESG in terms of sustainability and risk mitigants. Kestrel’s insights are useful for all types of investments, not just ESG focused ones.”

Subscribers to the Bloomberg Terminal can review Bloomberg’s ESG Solutions, including Kestrel’s data, at {BESG <GO>}.

About Kestrel

Kestrel provides Sustainability Intelligence™ for municipal markets, helping to set the market standard for sustainable finance. Kestrel is a leading provider of external reviews for green, social and sustainability bond transactions and a Climate Bonds Initiative Approved Verifier. The company is qualified to evaluate corporate and municipal bonds, as well as the issuers, in all asset classes worldwide for conformance with international green and social bond standards.