we provide Sustainability Intelligence for municipal markets to help set the market standard for sustainable finance

Without a common understanding of the sustainability attributes that are material to each investment, and which risk mitigants are present (if any), market participants cannot truly differentiate between ESG appearance and reality. Is there real environmental benefit? Is this investment climate-aligned? Is it equitable? Asymmetries such as these have the potential to affect liquidity and slow down financial markets.

We provide key insights on value and risk to help market participants make informed decisions and execute faster.

our culture

Built around integrity, our culture is woven into our work ethic and the products we deliver
to the fixed income market.

– act with integrity
– innovate
– collaborate
– provide leadership to the market
– use a science-based approach

"At Kestrel, we have big dreams about using the power of finance to address climate change. The need is urgent. Our team is absolutely driven to deliver our best work every day, with products and insights you can trust and excellent customer service."

- Monica Reid / CEO & Founder