second party opinions

science-based, independent and respected

We provide Second Party Opinions and other types of external reviews that are science-based and respected. We are known for responsiveness and customer service.

We provide Opinions on alignment with the Green and Social Bond Principles, the Climate Bonds Initiative Standard and Criteria, and the Sustainability Bond Guidelines.

We can help with programmatic approaches and frameworks, and reporting.

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Kestrel is the first US-based Approved Verifier for Green Company/Green Issuer Certification (Entity Level Verification) and Sustainability Linked Debt certifications under the Climate Bonds Standard.

our efficient process

pre-issuance: we provide a no-cost consultation to evaluate your bond.

We will review the use of proceeds and other criteria to recommend the appropriate Green, Social, Sustainability or
Climate Bond designation.

we gather key information.

Our goal is to minimize your effort and to be as efficient as possible with everyone’s time.

we perform an external review.

We prepare a Second Party Opinion for inclusion in the offering documents and can assist with marketing materials.
For Climate Bonds, we serve as a liaison with the Climate Bonds Initiative.

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