March 20, 2023

Welcome to the new Kestrel!

Kestrel is excited to announce the launch of our new data offering and an updated brand to reflect our growing position as a leading data provider in the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) space.

Twenty years ago, Kestrel began as a premier environmental finance consulting group, helping state and local governments access capital for infrastructure and sustainability projects.

Today, we are the US market leader for verified green, social, and sustainability bonds in US public finance, garnering over 60% market share by the number of external reviews*.

But we’re not stopping there.


We’re bringing new data to fixed income markets.

This year we are expanding our offering, providing ESG impact scores and data that bring greater transparency and insight to the municipal market.

We want our data to be your new benchmark, offering views into the fixed income market that are rooted in environmental and social science and deepened by a practitioner’s understanding of real-world best practices and regulatory frameworks.

Kestrel’s ever-growing data offering will cover the entire municipal market at the series level, providing you with original analysis and transparency on ESG impacts of bond-financed activities and the presence of sector-specific risk mitigants.


We have a new look that reflects our commitment transparency and collaboration.

For those of you who know us as Kestrel Verifiers, we’ve just simplified our name and updated our look—you can continue to expect the superior level of service you’ve grown to trust.

As we strive to become a leading provider of ESG data and solutions, our new brand reflects our commitment to tackling big challenges through collaboration with state and local governments, global engineering companies, and the market.

Our company was named after the American Kestrel, a small falcon known for its vigilance and precision. Like the bird, Kestrel is built for speed, with a lean and energy-conserving composition. We take a direct and calculated approach to assessing ESG impact, guided by proprietary technology and firmly based in science. Integrity is a core component of our company culture.

The new logo features a depiction of a bird in the letter “K” as a symbol of our unique approach and commitment to discerning real ESG impact data. It represents our focus on clarity and understanding the difference between appearance and reality. The aerial perspectives, detailed textures, and refined color palette of our new brand are all inspired by the bird.


A new look is one thing— but it’s our data and approach that truly differentiates us.

With a highly qualified team of experts in environmental and social sciences, as well as finance, engineering, and technology, we are creating real value and true service for our customers. Our offering is rooted in science, guided by real-world best practices and proprietary technology.

Contact us for a demo or to start a discussion. We’re ready to show you the difference.


*as of Q4 2022