sustainability intelligence

unlock key insights for faster, more informed decision-making

With Kestrel Sustainability Intelligence, we aim to offer market participants access to the industry leader in sustainability and municipal finance. Through Kestrel Analysis and Scores, we provide key insights on value and risk to help market participants make informed decisions and execute faster.

We evaluate bond-financed activities through the lens of environmental and social science, deepened by a practitioner’s understanding of real-world operationally feasible best practices and regulatory frameworks.

Kestrel comprehensive Analysis and Scores:

– Trusted, credible data that is harmonized and transparent, all at the series level.​
– An ESG benchmark that the entire market can trade on.​
– 100% original and independently developed​
– Based in science, focused on sustainability and risk mitigants​
– A combination of quantitative and qualitative information ​
– Comprehensive and insightful ​
– Easily integrated for faster, more informed decision-making​
– Focused on the issuer (~30%) as well as the financed assets (~70%).​
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independent science-based ESG evaluation

Tax-exempt and Taxable Municipal Bonds

Meaningful ESG data at the CUSIP level, reflecting the impact of bond-financed activities on the planet and society. Kestrel’s ESG Impact Data originates directly from our own smart analysts enabled by technology.

Other Fixed Income Products

Our methodology is broad enough to encompass other fixed income investments including whole loans, and national and supranational bonds. Call us to collaborate.

Kestrel Analysis and Scores data fields Kestrel Analysis and Scores data fields