ESG impact data & analytics

unlock ESG impact analysis for faster, more informed decision-making

As the leading provider of Second Party Opinions in the municipal market, our expertise in environmental and social impact is now available with Kestrel ESG Impact Data.

Our unique data, designed with input from institutional investors, provides you with comprehensive, science-based assessments of ESG impacts and risk mitigants associated with individual bonds, as well as insightful analysis rooted in materialty.

Kestrel ESG Data:

– Communicates the ESG impact of bond-financed activities
– Reveals risk mitigants
– Is 100% original and science-based
– Fits with bespoke ESG strategies
– Is purpose-built to meet needs of market participants
– Rooted in sector-specific materiality
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independent science-based esg evaluation

Tax-exempt and Taxable Municipal Bonds

Meaningful ESG data at the CUSIP level, reflecting the impact of bond-financed activities on the planet and society. Kestrel’s ESG Impact Data originates directly from our own smart analysts enabled by technology.

Other Fixed Income Products

Our methodology is broad enough to encompass an increasing number of fixed income investments including whole loans, national and supranational bonds.